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Alert notification system available to Navy installations

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Posted: Wednesday, January 12, 2011 2:07 pm

With the on-set of winter weather threatening the Mid-Atlantic Region along the East coast, Sailors and civilians assigned to Navy installations can receive alert messages relating to emergency information, inclement weather, crisis events and road closings through the Commander, Navy Installation Command (CNIC) Shore Wide Area Alert Network, or WAAN system. Tragedies such as 9/11, Hurricane Katrina and shootings at Virginia Tech and Fort Hood clearly demonstrated that being able to put out emergency information quickly is vital to the safety of personnel.  Government agencies, educational institutions and private industry have taken great strides to develop critical emergency notification methods to protect life, limb, property and operational capabilities.

The Navy has developed a method to do that. But, to take full advantage of the system, users need to register their emergency contact information to get alerts when they are not at their work computers.

The system provides Navy Installations an effective and reliable mass notification system that can be used during a crisis to warn affected personnel.  The network consists of four sub-systems: a Computer Desktop Notification System, Automated Telephone Notification System, Giant Voice and Interior Voice.

The computer notifications have been rolled out to each NMCI user and start automatically on computers at logon. Users are automatically registered for the computer messages when they log into a work computer via their Common Access Card (CAC).  However, all NMCI users must manually register their emergency contact information in order to receive the telephone, E-mail or text notifications. These notifications can be received on personal cell phones, home phones and via personal E-mails, but users must register in order to receive the alerts.

Instructions for adding contact information to the WAAN using the AtHoc self-service client are:

1. Right-click on the AtHoc Self Service client (Purple Globe) icon in the users system tray, at the bottom of the computer screen.

2. Select “Access self-service” from the pop-up menu.

3. The AtHoc  self-service client will open. Select the “My Info” tab and update your Last Name, First Name, and Display Name, then save.  Do not enter PIN information. 

4. Select the “Devices” tab and enter your contact information in the appropriate fields, then save.  

5. This completes the registration process.

For assistance with these instructions or with technical issues, contact the CNIC Help Desk  at (888) 264-4255, DSN: 942-6597,">

Instructions on how to register for the WAAN using the AtHoc Self Service client is also available on the Commander, Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (COMNAVREG) website at"> or the COMNAVREG facebook page at">

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